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Italian Ring Cookies-Ciambelline

A typical Italian cookie that are not too sweet and a little bit crispy. Perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea for breakfast or an afternoon break!

Holiday baking is right around the corner, and these cookies should be added to your list! This Italian Ring Cookies (Ciambelline) are not overly sweet and a little bit crispy. They are perfect even for breakfast!

Biscotti di San Martino- St. Martin's Cookies

Pan' e vino, e San Martino: Bread and Wine, and Saint Martin.  You may hear this  phrase in Sicily (especially in Palermo)in reference to Feast Day of San Martino. He happens to be the patron saint of wine and wine making! On November 11th, you enjoy biscotti di San Martino by dipping them in Moscato (an Italian sweet wine) or any new wine (I love my in-laws homemade wine!).

Broiled White Free-Form Loaf

“This was a mistake that proved to be extremely interesting.” James Beard, Beard on Bread.
I'm all about baking and learning from my mistakes. I've even posted about some mistakes and I tend to find mistakes in my baking to be a fun challenge. This Broiled White Free-Form Loaf happened as a mistake for James Beard and I thought I would give it a try!

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake

Super moist coffee cake with a hidden layer of leftover homemade cranberry sauce and a delicate almond topping. The perfect way to use up that extra Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

I know I’ve sometimes mentioned in my blog that Christmas always sneaks up on me. I’m really not the best planner. But as soon as it's cranberry season again, I am busy planning holiday menus and experimenting with different cranberry recipes, like this Leftover Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake!

Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Lasagna

A fall twist on a classic Italian dish. This pumpkin and butternut squash lasagna is a delicious vegetarian dish that everyone will love. Sweet and savory roasted squash and pumpkin puree between delicate layers of lasagna and gooey cheese. #italianrecipe #lasagna #butternutsquash #vegetarian #comfortfood

Moist and full of flavor. It’s everything you want in a great comfort casserole. This Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Lasagna is a fall twist on a classic Italian dish. 

Cranberry Meringue Pie

This cranberry meringue pie post has been a long time in the making. You may think, 'It's just a pie!". This Cranberry Meringue Pie is an incredible and memorable pie!

Pan dei Morti-Bread of the Dead Cookies

A typical Italian cookie that is eaten in Italy to remember loved ones that have left us on All Soul's Day. #cookies #italianrecipe #baking #dessert #chocolate

Boo! Today is Halloween and while you may browse the internet and find cookies shaped like bloody fingers and witch cupcakes, I’m sharing a typical 
sweet from Italy called Pan dei Morti, or Bread of the Dead.