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Dessert Recipes
Dessert Recipes

Cuccidati-Sicilian Fig Cookies - #foodmemory

Cuccidati, also known as Sicilian Fig Cookies are traditionally served during the holidays, especially Christmas.The sweet dough is similar to that of a butter cookie and the filling is a mixture of dried figs, raisins, almonds, chocolate, jam, honey, and spices. The perfect cookie to give as a gift! #christmas #siiciliancookies #cuccidati #figcookies #dessert

There are many cookies we like to bake here at Christmas time. There is one that is my most favorite: i cuccidati! They are Sicilian Christmas cookies also known as ‘buccellati’.


Italian Lemon Knot Cookies-Taralli al Limone

Typically made at Christmas, these Lemon Knot Cookies soft and full of lemon flavor. One of our favorite Italian cookies! #christmas #tarallucci #lemonknotcookies #cookies
Christmas baking is at a feverish pace here at our Italian baking headquarters.  We are baking fiends after Halloween leading all the way up to the week of Christmas. One cookie that is a staple in our home is taralli al limone, or Italian lemon knot cookies.


Pitta 'Mpigliata-Calabrese Fruit and Nut Pastry

Baking cookies and different breads for Christmas is what we love to do the most! Pitta 'Mpigliata is a typical Calabrian holiday pastry. These pretty rosettes are so festive with the colorful sprinkles.


St. Lucy Saffron Buns

I baked these gorgeous Saffron Buns for St. Lucy Day, which is tomorrow! Saint Lucia (or Saint Lucy) is a symbol of hope and light in dark times.


Nocatole-Calabrian Sweet Fritters

Nocatole-Calabrian Sweet Fritter

My in-laws and some other family members were here from Italy for a month. Most days with my mother-in-law, we discussed what to make for lunch or dinner and talked about food in general. Just before Memorial Day, she decided to make these nocatole (Calabrian sweet fritters).


Chocolate Crackle Cookies

One of our most loved Christmas cookies. Chocolate Crackle Cookies have a brownie like center and a soft crisp outside. Add these delightful cookies to your Christmas cookie tray! #baking #cookies #christmascookies #dessert #chocolate

There are some cookies that are holiday staples. The holidays are not complete unless we make our favorites, like these delightful Chocolate Crackle Cookies!

Cranberry Almond Biscotti

The holidays are the perfect time to get out your favorite cookie recipes and even try something new! We bake biscotti all through December at least once a week. These Cranberry Almond Biscotti are delicious and what you should add to your Christmas cookie tray.


Bundt Panettone

Eating panettone is something I remember since I was a little girl celebrating Christmas in Sicily and here in Florida. Christmas just wouldn’t seem the same without a slice of fluffy panettone. I know not every child loves the candied fruits in it. I was one that did and looked for slices with extra pieces of the citrus bites. This panettone Bundt recipe is so easy to make and loved by all!


Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Make the fall season extra special with these delicious Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. Classic cinnamon rolls get a fall twist with pumpkin puree and fall spices. 

Vegan Apple-Cranberry Crisp

A perfect vegan fall dessert made with tart cranberries and sweet apples. Topped with the most amazing vegan crumble!! #vegan #baking #applecrisp

I really enjoy baking vegan recipes. I have a family member that is dairy free, so there are often dairy free or totally vegan recipes happening in my cucina. This Vegan Maple Apple-Cranberry Crumble is the perfect fall dessert. 

No-Knead Dinner Rolls

I told you I’ve been exploring my mountain of food magazines and books. I can’t buy any new magazines until I finally try some that have been on my mind for ages. And I mean ages!


Cranberry, Almond and Tangerine Relish

This sweet and tart cranberry, almond and tangerine relish is so much more refreshing than your cooked cranberry sauce. It comes together in less than 10 minutes (probably around 5 minutes). 


Roasted Balsamic and Honey Brussels Sprouts

These Roasted Balsamic and Honey Brussels Sprouts are the only Brussels sprouts recipe you will ever want to make! Perfect as a side dish during the holidays or even a busy weeknight. They are so easy to make!


Sweet Corn Spoonbread

We are huge cornbread friends. There isn't a Thanksgiving that goes by and we don't have at least one round or square cornbread. This Sweet Corn Spoonbread will now be at the table with my favorite cornbread. It is so creamy and could be called irresistible!!


Amaretti Almond Pumpkin Pie

Amaretti Almond Pumpkin Pie is a fun twist on a #Thanksgiving classic! If you love almond flavor, you'll love this pie! #pie #baking #dessert #holidaybaking

Amaretti Almond Pumpkin Pie is all I've been thinking of this weekend!! I've also been thinking about some turkey recipes, but this pie!! The crushed amaretti cookies and almond praline makes for an unforgettable and unconventional pie!


Turkey Pot Pie

Every year after Thanksgiving I think of different ways to use up all the leftover turkey. I always dream of saving some of the turkey and making something completely different and delightful with it. This Turkey Pot Pie is one of my favorite ways to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey and it is what you need to make this year!!

Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce

I love to try out new recipes for the holidays. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I sometimes try different cranberry recipes, but this Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce is one I have made for many years.


Italian Ring Cookies-Ciambelline

A typical Italian cookie that are not too sweet and a little bit crispy. Perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea for breakfast or an afternoon break!

Holiday baking is right around the corner, and these cookies should be added to your list! This Italian Ring Cookies (Ciambelline) are not overly sweet and a little bit crispy. They are perfect even for breakfast!


Biscotti di San Martino- St. Martin's Cookies

Pan' e vino, e San Martino: Bread and Wine, and Saint Martin.  You may hear this  phrase in Sicily (especially in Palermo)in reference to Feast Day of San Martino. He happens to be the patron saint of wine and wine making! On November 11th, you enjoy biscotti di San Martino by dipping them in Moscato (an Italian sweet wine) or any new wine (I love my in-laws homemade wine!).


Broiled White Free-Form Loaf

“This was a mistake that proved to be extremely interesting.” James Beard, Beard on Bread.
I'm all about baking and learning from my mistakes. I've even posted about some mistakes and I tend to find mistakes in my baking to be a fun challenge. This Broiled White Free-Form Loaf happened as a mistake for James Beard and I thought I would give it a try!


Leftover Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake

Super moist coffee cake with a hidden layer of leftover homemade cranberry sauce and a delicate almond topping. The perfect way to use up that extra Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

I know I’ve sometimes mentioned in my blog that Christmas always sneaks up on me. I’m really not the best planner. But as soon as it's cranberry season again, I am busy planning holiday menus and experimenting with different cranberry recipes, like this Leftover Cranberry Sauce Coffee Cake!

Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Lasagna

A fall twist on a classic Italian dish. This pumpkin and butternut squash lasagna is a delicious vegetarian dish that everyone will love. Sweet and savory roasted squash and pumpkin puree between delicate layers of lasagna and gooey cheese. #italianrecipe #lasagna #butternutsquash #vegetarian #comfortfood

Moist and full of flavor. It’s everything you want in a great comfort casserole. This Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Lasagna is a fall twist on a classic Italian dish. 


Cranberry Meringue Pie

This cranberry meringue pie post has been a long time in the making. You may think, 'It's just a pie!". This Cranberry Meringue Pie is an incredible and memorable pie!


Pan dei Morti-Bread of the Dead Cookies

A typical Italian cookie that is eaten in Italy to remember loved ones that have left us on All Soul's Day. #cookies #italianrecipe #baking #dessert #chocolate

Boo! Today is Halloween and while you may browse the internet and find cookies shaped like bloody fingers and witch cupcakes, I’m sharing a typical 
sweet from Italy called Pan dei Morti, or Bread of the Dead.

Pumpkin Pudding Cake

Colder evenings call for a spoonful (or two!) of this luscious and gooey Pumpkin Pudding Cake. Your favorite fall spices and a super moist cake on top bakes into a juicy brown sugar pudding on the bottom. This pumpkin pudding cake is highly addictive.


Pumpkin Bread

If you are experiencing the cool breezes of fall and the pretty color changes of the leaves, please tell me about it in a comment. Go ahead! Brag! I REALLY would love to read about it. I'm dreaming about fall breezes and leaves changing every time I take a bite of this amazing Pumpkin Bread.


Homemade Pumpkin Pappardelle

Homemade Pumpkin Pappardelle

How has your week been so far? I have been in the middle of quite a lot of pumpkin baking! Did you know that canned pumpkin could even be used for savory dishes, like this Homemade Pumpkin Pappardelle?


Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Donuts

If you've been a reader of my blog for any amount of time, you know around this time of year I am usually getting into pumpkin fever. It would be only a matter of time until I made these Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Donuts for my loves and my friends.


Teresa’s Vegan Apple Cake

A super moist apple cake infused with cinnamon and ginger flavors. A healthier cake perfect for afternoon tea or for the upcoming holidays.  #vegan #baking #applecake #recipe

When the temperatures drop I only dream of apple desserts. And sometimes pumpkin desserts. But mostly apple desserts. Like this Teresa's Vegan Apple Cake. You may be wondering how I could dream of something that is vegan. It's one of my favorite cakes!!

Lemon Yogurt Cake

This lemon yogurt cake with its super moist, bursting with lemony flavor and a delicate crumb. Pair it with a good cup of coffee and you've got the start to a great day. #baking #cake #lemonyogurtcake #lemoncake #italiancake #breakfast #coffeecake #bundtcake #dessert #teacake #afternoontea #snackcake #citrus  #lemondessert

Lemon Yogurt Cake is so moist and delicious. Made with freshly squeezed lemon zest and juice. Makes the most perfect breakfast cake, snack and especially dessert. Pair with with a cup of coffee and you have the start to a great day. 

Rosemary and Caramelized Onion Focaccia (Vegan)

 A simple to make homemade focaccia recipe that is vegan. The caramelized onion and focaccia topping make this bread beyond delicious. #bread #italianrecipe #focaccia #caramelizedonions #vegan

There used to be a time where I would know that there was a food holiday like World Bread Day. I would have made this Vegan Caramelized Onion Focaccia or even something a little more fancy to share with all of you.


Rosemary and Garlic Pork Tenderloin

Rosemary and Garlic Pork Tenderloin is delicious and so easy to make. #pork #glutenfree #paleo #lowcarb #easydinnerrecipe #recipe

Rosemary and Garlic Pork Tenderloin recipe is delicious, and so very easy to make! The entire family just loves the flavor combinations and the perfect glaze. This easy pork tenderloin comes together in less than 45 minutes and is perfect for those that are following a low carb or paleo eating plan.


Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake

It is finally time for braising and slow cooking soups and stews. I obviously didn't get the memo that it is fall and am finally posting this Fresh Strawberry Bundt Cake. It is something I have been meaning to post since May (gasp!).

Piadina con Sardoncini and my Piadina Recipe

When you dine with a local no matter where you are in the world, you have to take their suggestion to try a local speciality. Like this very hot summer day last summer in Rimini on the Adriatic Sea, the piadina with con sardoncini (a local fish) was suggested.

Tsoureki-Greek Easter Bread

You may be wondering why I am posting another Easter bread when Easter was last week. Today is actually Greek Orthodox Easter and I have been obsessing for years to dye red eggs and share a Tsoureki-Greek Easter Bread.


Easter Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone

One of my favorite holidays is Easter. The weather is so pretty and I always feel inspired to bake as many Easter breads and treats as I can in one short weekend. I baked this Easter Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone for a big Italian party we were at on Easter Sunday.


Strawberry Sponge Cake

One minute we were celebrating Christmas and then in a flash we were planning an Easter egg hunt. I still haven't caught up with Christmas recipes and stories and somehow found myself in the middle of March and making this Strawberry Sponge Cake.


Bucatini alla Carbonara

Cold winter days go hand in hand with rich comfort food. I don't know about you, but these Bucatini alla Carbonara are something I could eat even when it's not frigid outside. And so it happens, this was a dish we ate at the end of summer in Cleveland, Ohio.