Easy Turkey Stock Recipe

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This homemade turkey stock is perfect for making ahead of time, so you can enjoy the holidays a little bit more stress-free. This stock is perfect for all your holiday cooking needs, from stuffing to gravy to soup!

– 3 pounds turkey wings or wing tips – sea salt – freshly ground pepper – 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil – 1 large onion peeled and cut in half – 1-1/2 cups roughly-chopped carrots 1/2 pound, about 2 large carrots – 1-1/2 cups roughly-chopped celery 1/2 pound, about 2 large celery ribs–remove any leaves and reserve – 6 sprigs fresh thyme – 1 handful fresh sage


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Cook time: 3 hours

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10 cups



prep Time

10 min


What is the difference between broth and stock? Stocks and broth are not exactly the same, but can be used same way in recipes. Let’s go over some of their differences: – The main difference is that broths are made with meat and stock is made with the bones (no meat). – Stock starts out by roasting the bones only (from turkey, chicken, meat), to give it a richer flavor and color. – Broth is made with poultry, fish, or even vegetables simmered in water. Stock adds thickness to a recipe while broth will adds more liquid and also seasoning. You could water down stock to make it more like a broths’ consistency.

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