How to Revive Sourdough Starter-Even if it’s been months!

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How to revive sourdough starter- learn how to bring your beloved sourdough starter back to life (even if it’s been months!). Whether you’re new to sourdough baking or a seasoned pro, I’ll show you how to revive a sourdough starter using some basic techniques that I’ve discovered over time.

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sourdough discard

prep Time

5 days


1 jar

Cook Time: 1 day


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– ½ cup sourdough starter – ½ cup water room temperature to lukewarm, make sure it's filtered + non-chlorinated – 1 cup scant, just under a cup unbleached all-purpose flour

What temperature is best to get sleepy starter active again? When you’re prepping your starter to bake with it, your kitchen should ideally be 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature that will help your starter get to peak bubbly activity. A cold kitchen will actually slow down microbial production.

How do I know if I should throw out my sourdough starter Mold of any kind means it must be tossed out! Any pink, or any thing fuzzy that is black or green on the top by the hooch or by the side of the jar, the starter has to go! That is when it is time to create a whole  new starter. Maybe you have a baker friend that will share some of their beloved starter with you to begin the process again.


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