Easter in Italy

How do they celebrate Easter in Italy?

Easter in Italy is celebrated with great religious fervor and traditional festivities. The Holy Week, starting from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, includes processions, mass, and rituals in most cities and towns.

Is Easter a good time to visit Italy?

Easter is a great time to visit Italy, especially for those who want to experience the country's religious and cultural traditions. Many cities and towns hold special events and processions during Holy Week, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Does Italy shut down over Easter?

While Italy does not entirely shut down over Easter, some businesses and services may have reduced hours or be closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which is a national holiday.

What is a traditional Italian Easter?

A traditional Italian Easter typically includes attending religious ceremonies, sharing a big family meal on Easter Sunday, and indulging in sweet treats such as Colomba di Pasqua and chocolate Easter eggs.

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