The shell is always super crispy and it crumbles everywhere when you take that first ravenous bite. The ricotta is usually made from sheep’s milk and has such a sweet and distinctive taste. In the summertime, you probably won’t see any cannoli out in the display. Just ask for some and they will fill it fresh when you order.


The street food pizza is totally different than what you will get in a pizzeria. If you are walking around Sicily and want a quick bite while you’re exploring the amazing sites, don’t hesitate to try a pizza. They’re usually round and small and the dough is thick and soft.


Arancini (or Arancine) are fabulous balls of rice. The rice is mixed with cheese and meat. The whole round shaped delight is breaded and fried and is the shape of an orange (arancia) and that is where the name comes from.

Brioche and Cappuccino for Breakfast

Sicily isn’t known only for its famous cannoli and outstanding cookies. You must also check out their brioche (or croissants)for breakfast, or even after breakfast. Sometimes later in the morning you will happen upon a bar and you may find some leftover from breakfast.


Sicilian cookies are out of this world. Some are very simple, like the ones photographed below, and some are more ornate and many of them are made with almost paste.


The granita is thicker and very smooth. You can find different flavors depending what bar you visit. At one place in my dad’s hometown, they were serving almond, lemon and strawberry flavors.