The Best Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

– whole, coconut, your choice – 3 Tablespoons pumpkin puree – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon ground pumpkin pie spice – ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon – 1-2 Tablespoons sweetener of your choice (I like maple syrup, adjust to how sweet you like it) – 2 shots espresso or sub 2 cups hot freshly brewed coffee, but I prefer espresso – Topping: – Whipped cream optional – ground cinnamon optional


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Fall Recipe

prep Time

10 min


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This seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte is really easy and super quick to make. Made with the milk of your choice, pumpkin puree, and cozy fall spices! Mix together this delicious drink with strong coffee and enjoy for breakfast, or when you need an afternoon boost!

Do you use espresso or regular coffee in a pumpkin spice latte? Either is perfectly fine. We have regular coffee and espresso pod machines, it can be made with either type of coffee. If you don’t have one of these pod-type coffee makers, just brew your coffee and add it to the mug (about 1 cup of coffee).

What ingredients to make Pumpkin Spice LatteMilk – whichever dairy or dairy-free milk you enjoy.  – Pumpkin puree  – Vanilla extract s – Pumpkin pie spice – You could buy pumpkin pie spice already mixed together. – Cinnamon – flavors in the pumpkin milk base. I usually add an extra dash! – Sweetener  – I prefer to use maple syrup. You could use honey or whatever sort of sweetener you like.  – Coffee


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