Easy Christmas Crack Recipe

– 1 ½ sleeves salted saltine crackers about 45 crackers – 1 ½ cups unsalted butter* 3 sticks – 1 ½ cups dark brown sugar – 12 ounces chocolate chips* – Sprinkles*


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Cook time: 5 min

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prep Time

10 min


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If you happen to love a salty and sweet combination, Saltine Cracker Candy recipe is for you! This candy is made with 4 simple ingredients and you do not need a candy thermometer to make it. A layer of salted cracker, buttery toffee and dark chocolate melted on top is seriously the ultimate Christmas candy.

How long can you store Saltine cracker candy (AKA Christmas Crack)? This candy keeps safely at room temperature for up to a week in an airtight container. But I do prefer to keep this in the fridge or the freezer. It could melt and come together in a warm kitchen, so I do not recommend storing on a kitchen counter.

What kind of chocolate chips are used for saltine cracker candy? I recommend using a better quality chocolate chip, like Ghirardelli. I have tried it with Nestle’ and they did not melt the right way (it was gloppy…and I will not try again with Nestle’).


How do I prevent the caramel/toffee from becoming gritty? The best solution for that is to melt the butter and sugar starting out on a low heat. You can stir it as this low heat stage. Once the butter melts, raise the heat and let it come to a rolling boil (do not stir at this point or scrape sides or botto


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