The BEST Chili Stew Meat Recipe

–– 3 Tablespoons olive oil – ▢2 pounds stewing beef – ▢¼ cup cornstarch or arrowroot starch or flour, if you're not gluten-free – ▢1 large onion minced – ▢2 cloves garlic minced – ▢5.5 ounce can tomato paste 1 small can – ▢28 ounce can crushed tomatoes – ▢15.5-19 ounces kidney beans rinsed and drained 2 cans – ▢3 cups beef bone broth unsalted – ▢2 dried bay leaves – ▢½ teaspoon ground cinnamon – ▢2 Tablespoons instant coffee grounds – ▢2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa – ▢1 tablespoon honey – ▢2-4 teaspoons salt – ▢½-1 teaspoon cayenne pepper – ▢Chili Seasoning – ▢1 Tablespoon garlic powder – ▢1 Tablespoon chili powder – ▢1 Tablespoon cumin – ▢1 Tablespoon sweet paprika – ▢1 Tablespoon oregano – ▢1 teaspoon dried basil – ▢1 teaspoon dried parsley – ▢½ teaspoon black pepper – ▢1 Tablespoon vinegar apple cider or balsamic


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Cook time: 10 min

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10 min


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This Easy Chili with Stew Meat is an easy to make chili recipe that slow cooks to perfection. Made with stew meat, crushed tomatoes, beans, spices and a little bit of cocoa powder and coffee. So tender and DELICIOUS! Make this chili ahead for a get together. Totally gluten-free!

Should chili be thin or thick? Chili is always thicker. But here's the thing, as it's simmering away, the liquid does cook down. I usually do not add all the liquid in the beginning. I keep some broth (or water) to add in as it's cooking away and if it seems too thick. So just check on your stew as it's simmering, and if needed, you could loosen it up a bit. But chili should be thick (not soupy!). If you feel it's too thin, let it simmer a little longer.

Why add a spoonful of vinegar to chili? This is from my mom's best chili making tips. She insists it's not the same without a little bit of vinegar. She uses apple cider or even balsamic. Mom says it makes the spices and every thing else really POP! Mom also says go ahead and use the juice of two limes if you don't have vinegar on hand.


How to reheat frozen chili? Let it defrost overnight in the refrigerator. The next day, add your portion to a sauce pan and heat on medium low. Stir it while it’s beginning to simmer and raise the heat to medium-medium-high and serve when it’s heated through.


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