Casatiello - Napoletano Stuffed Italian Easter Bread

Casatiello is a delicious stuffed Italian Easter Bread. It is a traditional savory Easter bread from the Campania region of Italy. It is made with a simple pizza dough and filled with cheese and cured meats. Perfect to bring along on a Pasquetta (Easter Monday) picnic!

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1 large round loaf



cook Time

30 min



Ingredients – DOUGH – 3 1/2 to 4 cups bread flour plus more for rolling – 1 teaspoon sugar – 1 envelope instant dry yeast – 2 teaspoons kosher salt – 1 1/2 cups water 110 degrees F – 3 tablespoons olive oil plus 4 teaspoons – FILLING – 1/2 cup sliced ham diced small – 1/3 cup soft salami diced small – 1/4 cup provolone cheese diced small – 1/2 cup fontina cheese diced small – 1 Tbsp. finely chopped rosemary

It is perfect served as an antipasto for Easter dinner. Any leftovers? It tastes so good even the next day!! If you are in Italy, and are lucky enough to have Pasquetta (the Monday after Easter-Easter Monday), this is what you could pack on your picnic in the mountains.

I made a simple pizza dough and stuffed it with ham, salami, provolone cheese and leftover gruyere. Can I tell you how wonderful this easy dough filled with simple ingredients is? Simply fantastico! It was a hit at Easter and it is a hit whenever I bake it (I don’t make it just for Easter).


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