Sicilian S Cookies


These Sicilian cookies could also be called Italian Breakfast cookies. These cookies are not only the most perfect breakfast cookie but are also perfect for a break any time during the day. When I bake a batch of them I imagine my nonna sitting at the table in Sicily with her sisters having a cookie and looking out over the balcony to see who is passing by.

What you will need....

Ingredients – 4 1/2 cups all purpose flour – 2  teaspoons  baking powder – 4 eggs additional 1 for egg wash – 1  cup  granulated sugar plus extra for topping – 3/4 cup vegetable oil – Zest of one lemon I used organic


– Scoop out portions (2 Tablespoons) of the dough on place on the floured surface. – Roll the dough piece into a 4-5 inch strand (1/2 inch diameter). – Form into an S and place on parchment lined baking sheet. – You could pull portions of dough and they could be between 3-8 inches long. – You could do a mix of small, medium and large cookies. Just bake the same shaped cookies on tray together so they’ll be ready at same time. If you bake large with a mix of the smaller shape, the small cookies will be ready sooner and then over bake. – Press gently to flatten a little. Continue shaping the rest of the cookies and place them about 1-inch apart.

Tips for making Italian Breakfast Cookies:

– If you’re out of lemons, you could replace the lemon zest with orange zest. – Add vanilla extract for a different flavor. – Use a bit of oil on your fingertips to help you roll the cookies. Be sure it’s just a touch of oil.