Portofino Travel Guide

where is portofino?

In the corner of Italy's northwest coast, where the Italian Riviera stretches out like a sunbather after a long nap, sits Portofino, nestled in the shadow of Genoa's metropolitan sprawl with buildings that look like they've been painted with the leftover palettes of Van Gogh and Monet.

Why is Portofino so famous?

Portofino is nestled on Italy's Riviera in Genoa. It's more than a coastal town—it symbolizes opulence and charm. Its harbor resembles a vivid painting. Since the 19th century, it's attracted European elites. This attraction isn't new. Its history mentions figures like Pliny the Elder.

Why is Portofino so expensive?

The demand for accommodation and services in such a small, exclusive area naturally drives prices up. Additionally, the cost of maintaining the town's pristine condition and unique charm, while accommodating the influx of tourists each year, also contributes to its high prices.

Is Portofino worth going?

Absolutely! Portofino is unquestionably worth the visit. Just remember, it is very expensive.

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