What to Pack for a Trip to Italy

don't over pack

Every summer I always bring too many clothes to Italy, but I end up wearing the same outfits almost every day. Make sure to bring only the necessities and a few nice pieces that you can interchange with.

pack comfortable shoes

I always make the same mistake of bringing an uncomfortable pair of shoes. I recommend bringing something cute and comfortable!! Here are some shoes that I genuinely like:

bring versatile pieces

I like to bring a lot of solid colors and some accessories to help dress up or dress down my outfits. A black/white tube top and a white button down are great pieces to have because they can be dressed up or down.

don't forget to layer

The weather in Italy can change very quickly so it's important to bring layers just in case. A lightweight jacket is a good option so you don't have to pack a bulky winter coat. Also, if you are traveling during the colder months make sure to bring gloves and a scarf!

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