BEST Classic Italian Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

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Thin and crisp Classic Italian Pizzelle cookies are a family favorite Christmas cookie. Flavored with vanilla and anise, and so easy to make. All you need is a pizzelle maker. This recipe is from the Abruzzo region of Italy and is perfect Italian holiday cookie that is perfect for that afternoon coffee break!

– all‐purpose flour – baking powder – unsalted butter (you could use a butter alternative like Earth Balance to go dairy-free) – sugar – eggs – grated peel of one lemon – fresh orange juice – milk (I used almond milk to go dairy-free, but feel free to use whatever milk you like) – anise extract, optional (or any liqueur like Strega) – vanilla extract, optional


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Cook time: 30 min

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prep Time

10 min


Do I need a pizzelle iron to make pizzelles? Yes! There is really no way to make pizzelle unless you have the iron. I have seen online affordable irons that make just one at a time. Using a pizzelle iron is the only way to make these cookies.

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