Italian Easter Meat Pie-Pizza Gaina

Italian Easter Meat Pie-Pizza Gaina is the dish that you will find at the end of Lent. A perfect pie crust and a decadent cheese, meat and egg filling. This pie does take a little time to put together, but is totally worth the effort!

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American, Italian

cook Time

1 hr 5 min



– CRUST – 3 cups all-purpose flour plus more for dusting – 3/4 teaspoon baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon salt – 8 tablespoons unsalted butter cut into cubes, chilled – 2 large eggs – 1/2 cup ice water – FILLING – 1½ pounds ricotta – 3 large eggs – 8 ounces packaged mozzarella cut into 1/2-inch dice – 4 ounces Genoa salami cut into 1/2-inch dice – 4 ounces mortadella cut into 1/2-inch dice – 4 ounces prosciutto crudo cut into 1/2-inch dice – 4 ounces ham cut into 1/2-inch dice – 2 Tablespoons grated parmigiano-Reggiano – 2 Tablespoons grated pecorino – 2 tablespoons parsley chopped, optional – EGG WASH – 1 large egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon water

Italian Easter Meat Pie- Pizza Gain(also known as Pizza Rustica, Pizza China, Pizzagaina, Pizza Chena, Pizza Chiena, Meat Pie, Easter Pizza)is found in Italian households to signify the end of Lent and that Easter has arrived. A decadent dish that is filled with meats, cheese and eggs and could be made ahead of time.

How do you store leftovers of this savory pie? Store this Easter pie in the refrigerator for up to a a week in an air-tight container. Can I freeze the pie? Yes. Simply slice and wrap each portion with plastic wrap and place each slice in large zipped freezer back. Will freeze for up to two months.


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