5 Italian Christmas Cookies

These are the best Italian Christmas Cookie recipes that you NEED to try. They are authentic, easy to make, and so delicious.

Italian Rainbow Cookies

These Italian Rainbow Cookies take a little patience and love to put together, but they are really easy to make. The flavor of these cookies is so much better than the ones you’ll buy at a bakery! The most beautiful addition to your Christmas cookie tray.

Pitta ‘Mpigliata-Calabrese Fruit and Nut Pastry

Pitta ‘mpigliata-Calabrian Fruit and Nut Pastry, a traditional Christmas dessert from Calabria, mostly found in the Calabrian province of Cosenza. Strips of an olive oil and white wine pastry are filled with walnuts, raisins, orange zest, warm spices and doused with honey.

Classic Italian Pizzelle Cookies

Thin and crisp Classic Italian Pizzelle cookies are a family favorite Christmas cookie. Flavored with vanilla and anise, and so easy to make. All you need is a pizzelle maker. This recipe is from the Abruzzo region of Italy and is perfect Italian holiday cookie that is perfect for that afternoon coffee break!

Sicilian Pignolata-Italian Honey Balls

Sicilian Pignolata-Italian Honey Balls are fried balls of dough dipped in honey and topped with sprinkles. Made in Italy during the carnevale and also the holidays, or just for any special occasion. Impossible to eat just one!

Italian Lemon Knot Cookies (Taralli al Limone)

These Easy Italian Lemon Knot Cookies or Taralli al Limone are typically made at Christmas, they are soft and full of fresh lemon flavor. One of our favorite Italian lemon cookies! They are also known as Italian Lemon Drop cookies, Iced Italian Cookies, Italian Wedding Cookies, Italian Lemon Drop cookies, and Anginetti.