Italian Breakfast Guide (2023)

What to Expect at an Italian Breakfast

A classic Italian morning might include an espresso or cappuccino accompanied by some cornetti (Italian croissants) with jam or Nutella to sweeten them up!

Popular Items for an Italian Breakfast

Cappuccino: This traditional Italian breakfast item is made of espresso and hot milk, creating a creamy and delicious beverage. To make a cappuccino, use one part espresso to one part steamed milk, with the milk frothed until it is thick and creamy.

How to order coffee in Italy for breakfast

Caffe’: if nothing else is specified, caffe’ in Italy is a single shot of espresso. To order it politely, you say: un caffe, per favore’

Where to Find Traditional Italian Breakfasts

Traditional Italian breakfasts can be found at any local cafe or bakery. Most cafes in Italy have very good espresso and cappuccinos. Typically, an espresso is 1 euro and cappuccinos are under 3 euros.