Italian Best Beef Stew Recipe

– MEAT – 2 tablespoons olive oil – 1.5 pounds beef stewing meat in chunks – VEGETABLES – 1 large onion chopped – 4 large carrots peeled ends trimmed and cut into chunks – 4 large celery sticks trimmed and thickly sliced – 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary – 1/2 teaspoon dried sage – SAUCE – 1 cup dry red wine – 2 cups tomato sauce I used San Marzano tomatoes puréed (you can use a fork to break them up or pulse in food processor) – 1 sprig fresh rosemary – 2 bay leaves – 1-2 teaspoons salt – Black pepper to taste


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Cook time: 8 hours

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slow cooker

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30 min


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Looking for the best Beef Stew Meat Recipe? Try our Slow Cooker Italian Beef Stew. it is everything you want in a hearty, comforting meal with huge depth of flavor. It is a deliciously slow simmered dish that's wonderful for weekend family dinners or dinner parties with friends.  Everyone is sure to love its incredibly rich flavor.

How can I make my beef stew more flavorful? There are a few things you can do to make your beef stew more flavorful. One is to brown the beef before adding it to the stew. This will give it a richer flavor. Another is to add some aromatic vegetables such as onions, garlic, and carrots to the mix. Finally, don't forget to season your stew with salt and pepper to taste.

What is the secret to good stew? The secret to a good stew is to cook it slowly over low heat so that the flavors have time to develop. Another important tip is to use fresh ingredients - both for the best flavor and for safety reasons. When it comes to choosing the right cuts of meat, go for ones that are tender and have some fat content, as this will also help to create a richer and more flavorful stew. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different herbs and spices - they can really make a dish sing! Can you put raw beef in a slow cooker? You can put raw beef in a slow cooker, but it will not cook as evenly that way. It is better to brown the beef first in a pan on the stovetop before adding it to the slow cooker. This will help it to cook more evenly and prevent it from drying out.


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