How to Say Happy Birthday in Italian

Buon Compleanno

Buon Compleanno means “happy birthday” in Italian. It is the most commonly used phrase to say happy birthday and it can be used for any age.

Tanti Auguri

Another way to wish someone happy birthday in Italian is “Tanti Auguri!” Tanti Auguri literally means “many wishes” and it can be used as a more formal or traditional way to say happy birthday. It is also appropriate for any age group.

The different ways to use Tanti Auguri in a sentence is:

Tanti Auguri! = Many Wishes Tantissimi auguri! = Very many wishes Tanti auguri di buon compleanno! = Many wishes of a happy birthday Auguroni! = Big wishes (informal)

Typical birthday traditions in Italy

In Italy, birthdays are typically celebrated with friends and family gathering around the birthday person. The cake is very important in the Italian birthday tradition and it’s usually accompanied by the traditional song “Tanti Auguri a Te”.