Fall Mimosa (Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe)

For the Apple Cider Mimosas: – 1 ounce brandy or dark rum (optional) – 1 cup apple cider – ½ cup chilled champagne Prosecco or other sparkling wine – apple slices for garnish – fresh lemon juice To Rim the Glasses: – 2 Tablespoons granulated sugar – 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon or pumpkin spice – Additional apple cider


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Fall Recipe

prep Time

10 min


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Apple Cider Mimosas is a warm fall twist on a typical brunch cocktail. Packed with apple flavor, plenty of sparkle, and a touch of cinnamon sugar, this drink is perfect for any special meal or for Thanksgiving. Really simple to put together and delicious! This serves two.

Can I make nonalcoholic apple cider mimosas? Yes! If you leave out the brandy and also use a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, it will be totally alcohol free, and still delicious.

What alcohol can I mix with apple cider? Apple cider works really well with dark spirits, like rum, whiskey, bourbon, and brandy. You can even use Tequilla or Vodka. Which is the best champagne to use in a mimosa? All depending on your taste and your budget. You could also go for an Italian Prosecco (a sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy). They have some really great price points (especially the Costco brand, if you are a member there).  I will typically use whatever I have on hand, and most of the time, we always have Prosecco.


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