Easy Roast Turkey with Lemon and Herbs

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This Easy Roast Turkey with Lemon and Herbs recipe is all you need for Thanksgiving, or holiday dinner! There aren’t any complicated steps to follow. With the classic combination of lemon and fresh herbs, your turkey roasts to juicy and delicious perfection! A simple recipe that’s perfect for beginners!

– 1 15 pound whole turkey neck and giblets removed fully thawed – 1 onion peeled and quartered – 3 stalk celery peeled and cut into large pieces – 1 carrot cut into large pieces – 1 lemon quartered – 2 Tablespoons sea salt – 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper – 2 teaspoons sweet paprika – ¼ cup vegetable oil or olive oil, or butter – 6 sprigs fresh rosemary – 2-4 sprigs fresh thyme – ¼ cup fresh sage leaves – 1 cup water or low-sodium chicken broth


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Cook time: 3 hr

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prep Time

10 min


What is the best size turkey to buy for roasting? Keep in mind that you need 1 pound of turkey per person. Or calculate 1.5 pounds of turkey per person so there will be some leftovers. This should give you a good guideline on what size to buy: . – For 6-8 people: 10-12 pound turkey – For 9-12 people: get a 14-18 pound turkey – For 13-16 people: get an 18-24 pound turkey

Do not wash your turkey Just like with a chicken, there is no need to wash out the turkey. It is a huge mess and could contaminate everything. Remember that as the same with chicken, any bacteria will get cooked away in the oven.


How to thaw the turkey For every 5 pounds of turkey, you will need a full 24 hours. The bigger the turkey, the longer time it will need to thaw out in the refrigerator. Plan on a full 2-4 days to thaw out the turkey. Place the turkey on a pan or a cookie sheet while it defrosts in the refrigerator.


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