Baked Buffalo Wings (Easy Recipe)

– Chicken wings: – 4 pounds party style chicken wings or whole chicken wings that have been halved crosswise – ½ teaspoon salt – 2 teaspoons garlic powder – 1 teaspoon sweet paprika – ¼-½ cup vegetable oil mom uses a 1/2 cup – ½ teaspoon freshly ground pepper – Buffalo sauce: – ¼ cup unsalted butter or plant butter if you're dairy-free – 12 ounces Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce or sub with your favorite red hot sauce – 1-2 Tablespoons honey white sugar or brown sugar (adjust to suit your tastes) – 1 dash of Tabasco sauce optional – 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar


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Cook time: 1 hour

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prep Time

2 hours (marinate)


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These Baked Buffalo Wings are super crispy and tossed in a classic spicy sauce. Serve them with blue cheese sauce and crispy celery for the ultimate game day or party snack

How many wings per person? You may be wondering how to calculate how many wings to make. If there are other appetizers, you could calculate 4 wings per person (approximately).

Are these baked wings gluten-free and dairy-free? Since they aren’t dredged with any flour, they are totally gluten-free. Also, mom makes the hot sauce with a plant based butter for my dairy-free kid (my kid doesn’t use the blue cheese dip). IF  you aren’t dairy-free, make the hot sauce with real butter.


How to make buffalo sauce for wings? – Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (she uses a whole 12 ounce bottle!) – one stick of plant based butter (or real butter if you’re not dairy-free) – 2 tablespoons brown sugar – a little bit of apple cider vinegar – She said don’t forget a dash of Tabasco sauce – She made a slur of corn starch (1 tablespoon) with 1/2 cup hot water.


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