Easy Puff Pastry Apple Tart

My Easy Apple Puff Pastries are a delicious combination of sweet apple slices on top of fluffy and crisp puff pastry dough. They're like an easy apple pie! SO very easy to make! Perfect for breakfast or a Sunday brunch.

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Cook Time

35 min



Cook Time: 35 mins


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– puff pastry – peach or apricot preserves – apples – egg – raw or turbinado sugar – honey – fresh thyme or rosemary

Could ice-cream be served with these puff pastries? Yes, a scoop of your favorite ice-cream or even whipped cream, goes great! Is this puff pastry recipe vegan? No, since it does have an egg wash and also, a honey drizzle. To make it vegan, be sure to use a puff pastry that is without butter (the Pepperidge Farms brand is )and skip the egg wash.

Apples: : I used Granny Smith. Pink Lady would also work very nicely. Feel free to use whatever apples you have on hand. – Puff Pastry: We used Pepperidge Farms (which is vegan and made with oil), but use your favorite butter puff pastry (or make your own!) – Fresh herbs: fresh rosemary or fresh thyme is great for this recipe.


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