BEST Ricotta Tart with Spring Pea

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This Spring Pea and Ricotta Tart is packed with green vegetables and herbs and could be the most perfect beginning of spring. Use the lovely homemade butter based crust or whatever ready-made crust you like. A burst of spring vegetables in every bite!

For the filling: – ricotta – egg – spinach – baby peas – grated Parmigiano Reggiano – mint leaves – chopped chives – Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper – butter For the crust: – cold cider vinegar – all-purpose flour, – whole wheat flour – sea salt – cold unsalted butter – cold cream cheese


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Cook time: 40 min

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8 people



prep Time

1 hr


why you'll love this ricotta tart 1. Delicious and unique flavor: This ricotta tart recipe features a combination of savory ingredients like spinach, peas, mint, and chives, which create a delicious and unique flavor profile that you won't find in other ricotta tart recipes. 2. Healthful ingredients: This recipe includes wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour, fresh spinach, and peas, making it a healthier option for a tasty treat.

can i make this tart without peas? If you aren't a fan of peas, just leave them out! The peas and spinach go together really nicely with the delicate sweetness of the ricotta. So perfect for a vegetarian dinner idea and it's good hot and even better cold!


can i add crispy pancetta or bacon to this ricotta tart? Yes! If you are dreaming of a little pancetta or bacon in this tart...go ahead! Cook it up and crumble it up. Stir it in with the ricotta or simply sprinkle some on top after it's baked.


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