Easy Italian Pistachio Cookies (5 ingredients)

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With just 5 ingredients, these Italian Pistachio Cookies are really easy to make. Made with almond flour, pistachios, eggs, sugar, and almond extract. Ready in 20 minutes with a soft center and a little chewy outside. These cookies are the perfect Italian Christmas cookie!

– FOR THE COOKIES – 1 cup granulated sugar – 2 large eggs room temperature (whites and yolks separated) – 1 tsp almond extract – 1 ½ cups almond flour – 1 cup pistachio flour I ground up roasted and lightly salted pistachios – FOR THE COATING – ½ cup confectioner’s sugar


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Cook time: 13 min

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2 dozen



prep Time

10 min


Tips to make the best Sicilian pistachio amaretti – If you prefer to use just almond flour and do not have pistachios, feel free to do that. – I used lightly salted and roasted pistachios (you could use unsalted, as well). – If you can find pistachio flour, go ahead and use that. – The dough could be made ahead and chilled. Bring it to room temperature while the oven heats up before rolling and baking. – Pulse the pistachio to a fine flour, keeping some texture (be sure to not pulse it into a pistachio paste).

Are pistachios good for you? Pistachios happen to be full of antioxidants, unsaturated fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


How to store Sicilian almond cookies? Allow the cookie to completely cool down. As soon as they have cooled, store cookies in airtight container. Separate the layers of cookies with parchment or wax paper. The cookies store fine for up to 1 week at room temperature.


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