19 Best Things to do in Ostuni, Puglia

where is ostuni?

Nestled in the heel of Italy's boot in Apulia (Puglia in Italian), this gem is a mere stone's throw from the Adriatic coast (8 kilometers, to be exact). Ostuni, or as the locals lovingly dub it, "La Città Bianca" (The White City), gleams with its white-washed old town.

when is the best time to visit ostuni, italy?

You like it hot and happening? May to October is your golden ticket. Sunny skies, minimal rain, but a word of caution: July and August? It's a tourist tsunami! You might be rubbing elbows more than you'd want. If you're the type who likes a good tan but without playing sardines, circle late May, June, or September on that calendar of yours.

Is it better to stay in Ostuni or Polignano a Mare?

Polignano a Mare has those drop-dead gorgeous cliffs and that coveted beach town aura. It's picturesque, no doubt, but word has it it's swamped with tourists. Ostuni? The 'White City,' miles from the sea, boasting a labyrinthine historical center and arguably superior dining options

Why is Ostuni called the White city?

In Ostuni, they don't just whitewash bildings for kicks. This "White City" has a storied palette. Historically, Mediterranean towns slapped on the white for looks and Ostuni kept the memo.

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