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I am madly and passionately in love with Italy, its food, history, language and people. It thrills me to share my immense passion for Italy and its incredible food in stories and recipes here with all of you. Read more...

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Beautiful ! = Gyönyörű 🙂

Lora, I wish I could bake like you! I need lessons girl! Love the Caramel Cake! You mom sound so sweet! 🙂

Absolutely stunning cake!

Oh my gosh, this cake is spectacular! And that oozy filling in the middle! You've got me drooling for dessert at 8:45 AM…

Lora, this caramel cake looks out of this world. I love the filling that is so delicious and gooey looking. Beautiful!


OMG, Lora, every dessert outdoes the previous one, looking forward to the next! 🙂 Absolutely stunning!

OOh that looks good! Love the story 🙂

You can send this my way, please and thank you 🙂

I wish I could have a slice and sit in a chair with my grandma. =)

I feel like I NEED this! If only I were a more talented baker!

Any tips on how to make this with store bought caramel?


what a beautiful cake

I agree with you..a beautiful caramel cake ! thanks for sharing 🙂 I wish I can have a slice of that yummy-ness 🙂

It really looks great! Give me a slice of it… 😛

i looooove strawberry and love your cake!

Oh my. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. This definitely sounds like the best ever caramel cake!

Wish I had a piece of this for breakfast! I love the caramel oozing out! I need to think of a reason to make this.

Wow, girl, that is one heck of a cake. All that caramel oozing out when you slice it, just gorgeous!

Why do you torture me with such things??? This looks so good, I wish I could just jump into that picture and gobble it up!

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