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  1. Frank Fariello says

    Interesting post! I hadn't heard for Einkorn flour before, but it does sound intriguing. Will look for it in the store next time I go shopping. I've been meaning to make biscotti for some time now—these look particularly lovely, with those crunchy bit of walnut and soft bits of fig. I could use one right now as I sip y morning cappuccino…

  2. Liz Berg says

    It's scary that so many folks have problems with gluten—and that part of it may be due to so much hybridization of our wheat. It looks like you mastered making biscotti with einkorn flour as yours look fabulous!

  3. foody schmoody says

    I just came over from Heather's page. You gals have introduced me to something I've never heard of and I love that. I don't have any gluten sensitivity but I like to cut down where I can. This is great.

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