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Easter Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone

One of my favorite holidays is Easter. The weather is so pretty and I always feel inspired to bake as many Easter breads and treats as I can in one short weekend. I baked this Easter Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone for a big Italian party we were at on Easter Sunday.

This Easter party was a a very late lunch. It wasn't a brunch and it was way too early to be considered dinner. Everyone contributed by bringing something sweet or savory. Almost all of the guests were Italians from Italy. I knew I had to make some typical Italian Easter breads and also make something that everyone would like. This Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone (ring cake)was just the perfect treat! I had quite a lot of ricotta on hand as I made a pizza rustica (pizza gain-pizza chiena)and also a pastiera Napoletana. I also made this Crescia al Formaggio, which goes just perfectly with Prosecco and different salumeria.

I was a little nervous about how the Italian ladies would react to my contribution. I know that in every region a dish is made a little differently and also I know that many Italian women are picky about something being called "Italian". Imagine my delight when everyone was oohing and ahhhing over everything I made. One of the guests named Laura was curious as to what kind of ricotta I used. She explained that when her mom visits from Sicily, she makes her own ricotta to make some Easter treats. I told her there just wasn't enough time in the day for me to make ricotta and that I used the brand Galbani. She was super interested to try it and really liked the texture and the flavor. I know how good homemade ricotta is. Maybe another time I'll plan better and make my own ricotta for the sweet and savory Easter treats, but in the meantime, the one I used worked out just fine!

some notes on this cake: 
I used a cake pan my Italian friend from Bologna gave me. It's not the typical Bundt size. I did double the recipe as I wanted to be sure to fill the cake pan all the way. Following this recipe, you could use a regular size Bundt pan and be just fine. The cake was super moist and it is so lovely even for Sunday morning breakfast (or any morning breakfast). It was really pretty filled with the Robin's Nest candies in the middle. You could use whatever chocolate Easter eggs to fill the middle of the hole for decoration. 

Yield: 1 Bundt cake

Easter Chocolate Chip and Ricotta Ciambellone

A very easy to make cake that is truly no-fuss. It is super moist from the rich ricotta choice and is perfect to make for any holiday or just to have for Sunday morning breakfast. The addition of chocolate chips will please all the chocolate lovers and goes so nicely with zip of flavor from the lemon zest.

prep time: 10 minscook time: 40 minstotal time: 50 mins


1 1/4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
 4 eggs, separated
 1 cup sugar
1 cup ricotta
1/4 butter melted
4 eggs, separated
1 Tablespoon lemon liqueur ( or lemon juice)
zest of one organic lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
malted Easter eggs (for decoration)


Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Grease and flour Bundt pan (or you could
use baking spray, as I did).
In a medium bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Stir to
Beat the egg whites until stiff.  Remove from the mixer and add to
small bowl; set aside.
In the bowl of the mixer, beat the butter, ricotta and sugar until
blended, about 3 minutes. With the machine running, add the
egg yolks one at a time.
Add the lemon liqueur (or juice), zest and vanilla until combined. Add
the dry ingredients, a small amount at a time, until combined. Fold in
the chocolate chips.
Fold in the egg whites a little bit at a time until incorporated.
Spoon into prepared cake pan and bake for about 35-40 minutes
Every oven is different so check your cake with a skewer at about 35
minutes to see if done.
Let cool and remove from cake pan. Dust with confectioner's sugar.
Decorate with malted Easter eggs in the middle if serving for Easter.
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  1. This sounds divine! I love ricotta and lemon together and have never tried it in a cake before!

  2. That's such a beautiful cake and I love that double dose of lemon, yum!

  3. That cake is gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I have a cake pan that is very similar, and I have exactly one cup of ricotta left over from making calzone!