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Dessert Recipes

My in-laws Italian Garden

I don’t have a green thumb. I’m being completely honest. Not much survives in my garden besides my herbs and my mango tree. The mango tree requires zero maintenance so I shouldn’t brag too much about it being as amazing as it is.


Il Mercato-Parte Uno (The Market)

Assaggiate le albicocche. Sono dolcissime. Taste the apricots. They are very sweet. And I did. I stood there in the light drizzle on a chilly summer afternoon tasting sweet apricots. The juice was dripping down my chin as I juggled my camera in my other hand. I wasn’t ready to taste a sample just yet.


Pan di Spagna con Marmellata di Lamponi {sponge cake with raspberry jam}

It is wonderful to be in Italy and have this abundance of amazing fresh fruit to eat every day. I can’t compare the flavor of these raspberries to any I’ve eaten back home. The berries are simply bursting with sweetness in every bite.


Best Ever Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

When a recipe is titled “best ever”, I just have to try it. It’s almost impossible to let it go without testing it for myself.

Summer Strawberry Cake-A Guest Post for That Skinny Chick Can Bake

I’ve had some wonderful things happen to me through my food blog in the last couple of years. I’ve cooked and baked some delicious recipes and I’ve come across incredible blogs filled with recipes I dream of making.

Strawberry and Ricotta Tarts {crostate di fragole e ricotta}


I adore baking with strawberries. I think I went a little overboard these last few weeks and baked quite a few desserts with strawberries. There were juicy and plump strawberries tempting me wherever I went.  Not that anyone was complaining. 


Savory Corn Rolls for Breaking Bread Society

You may think that I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet. You stumble upon my blog and come across recipe after recipe of sweets. It may be difficult to imagine that I really am more of a savory food lover.