Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes
Christmas Recipes

Italian Recipes

Italian Recipes
Italian Recipes

Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes
Dessert Recipes

Paris Brest with Raspberry Whipped Cream Filling

April in Paris. The city of lights and romance. The city of crispy baguettes and delicate pastries. The city I dream of visiting again. I felt for a moment I was there making my Paris Brest dessert.


Fluffy White Icing-Marshmallow Frosting

I can take or leave frosting. It’s not that I mind it. I just don’t crave it and really don’t dream about it. Homemade marshmallow frosting? Now we are approaching some very dangerous and dreamy frosting territory. 

Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake with Fluffy White Icing

The month’s are flying by this year and I sometimes wish I could freeze the clock for a moment. Another birthday came and went in March and I decided to bake a delicious chocolate cake with fluffy white icing. You may also know fluffy white icing as marshmallow frosting or seven minute frosting. My mom used to make it for us for our birthdays when we were little.

Tomato and Ricotta Salata Salad with Gazpacho Dressing

You see those white chunks with grill marks on them? That is ricotta salata. Salted ricotta cheese on a flavorful tomato salad. I could eat this salad every day for lunch.


Glazed Lemon Cookies

Most people may not typically think of Glazed Lemon Cookies as a traditional Christmas cookie. Over here they thought about during Christmas and I am not sure how the tradition started. It may just be my tradition because they are one of my favorites on the cookie tray. 

Pastiera Napoletana {Neapolitan Easter Pie}

I couldn’t imagine celebrating Easter without baking something typical and wonderful from Italy. I would rather be in Italy eating something typical and wonderful. And this Pastiera Napoletana is something special that shouldn’t be enjoyed just for Easter.

Italian Easter Bread-Guti di Pasqua

Baking fluffy and gorgeous bread makes me very happy.
It’s pretty wonderful when you bake something and your husband comes home from work and asks, “I guti di mia mamma! Did my mom send a care package with her Italian Easter bread?”


Coconut and Berry Passover Tart

I am invited to a Passover dinner this weekend and I was asked to bake a dessert. I tried out the dessert I am going to bring for this month’s #berrylove. I brought it to a birthday party last night at our neighbor’s house and it was a huge hit!